About Himmelsfeld Vinyard

Himmelsfeld Vineyard was established in 1991 by Beth Eggers. It is nestled in the heart of the picturesque Upper Moutere. This boutique vineyard is one of the smallest in the country, which allows for the dedicated hands-on management that Himmelsfeld prides itself on.

The vineyard was planted out in one acre each of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The site of the vineyard was chosen for its north-west facing and somewhat barren clay hill top, which has allowed Himmelsfeld to work to traditional vine cultivation methods. The site was gently terraced to capture the all-day Nelson sun, and to facilitate exposure to ventilation to minimize disease risk. Himmelsfeld is working towards a “clean green” philosophy; part of this is using Romney sheep for weed control.

Thanks to the 100 big woolly Romney sheep which have descended from her two original pets, Grace and Hanover, who began breeding in 1994, Himmelsfeld is kept clean and green, and with their inquisitive nature they are also eager to be part of your Himmelsfeld experience.

Himmelsfeld wines are the product of the Moutere terroir; high sunshine hours, high UV levels, warm summers, cool autumn nights and the all-important famous Moutere clay soils.  Beth has a wealth of knowledge and is passionate about her vineyard, she believes strongly that “great wines are made in the vineyard”.

Himmelsfeld's owner, Beth Eggers

As a fifth generation German descendant of Hans and Dora Eggers, who arrived in the Moutere nearly 150 years ago, Beth can talk about the Upper Moutere and its history, in a setting which has a captivating, rustic ambience, is personalised, and in which she hopes you will leave with a sense of belonging.

It is a story that tracks Beth back to roots sunk deep and long ago in the demanding clay soils of the Moutere area, generations before she was even born, when Hans and Dora Eggers arrived from northern Germany in 1859 seeking a new life in the beautiful rolling hill country there. Growing up in Sunrise Valley, Upper Moutere, on her parents’ hop farm, her father, Dudley Eggers, was a great influence with his lifetime of wisdom and knowledge.

Beth purchased 26 acres of bare land in 1991 in Gardner Valley, Upper Moutere. By the end of her first year of owning these green pastures she had developed the vineyard site, planted 3 acres of grapes and 15 acres of apples, as well as built a cottage. And so the story of Himmelsfeld Vineyards began…